STORM Email Marketing

Take your audience by STORM with this trackable, easy-to-use, email system. Create, automate, and communicate to your audience - your way!

Simple. Trackable. Organized.
Responsive. Marketing.

STORM is a unique web-based platform that provides a self-serve vehicle to communicate with your target audience with powerful trackable visual communication.

Establish Your Brand

Integrate your brand in everything you do to increase brand recognition and a cohesive experience. This includes what you’re sending to your audience’s inboxes. With STORM, Rainmaker will create your custom stationary templates to keep your brand looking sharp and enticing. All you need to do now is write some content and hit send! It really is that simple.

Expand Your Audience

With the easy-to-use client database feature in STORM you can add new clients and prospects to your mailing list without hassle. You can filter your contacts by desired fields to send a carefully-targeted communication or even cherry-pick your loyal customers to send an added bonus such as an exclusive discount.

Track Your Success

Stop wondering about whether your audience is opening your communications. You will be able to see exactly who is interacting with your campaigns via our easy-to-read reports. Measure successes and note room for improvement with every email. When it comes time to explain your success to your partners or employees you will have a plethora of meaty statistics right at your fingertips – boom.

Hear that STORM brewin’?

Nothing grows without rain. We make it rain.

Let’s talk about what’s dry in your email marketing —
maybe you’ll let us sprinkle some Rainmaker magic on it.