Resume Do's and Dont's

Jun 15, 2015

At Rainmaker, we receive resumes almost daily.

Some of those resumes make us wish we could add whole departments just to get the applicants in the door. But many are underwhelming or so unaware of their audience that our list of potential interviewees stays pretty short.

The job market is about to be flooded with new college graduates. Here are a few tips for writers, designers, developers, and others interested in working in the creative design and marketing industries.

Cover Letter

  • It's not about you. It's about the company. Or more precisely, it's about what you can contribute to the company.
  • Do your research. Demonstrate that you know who the company is, what kind of work it does, who its clients are, and what its sass level is.
  • Be specific. How do your skills, experience, and knowledge specifically align with the position you're interested in?


  • Keep it short. This isn't a CV. One page should suffice to list your related experience and education.
  • Include contact info on list of references. You'd think this would be a no-brainer.


  • It's different from a resume. A resume demonstrates your credentials, while a portfolio demonstrates your creative and practical skills.
  • An online version will help you get the interview. But make sure you bring more relevant samples to show during the interview.
  • Represent yourself truthfully. Don't present the work of a whole team or department without explaining exactly what your contribution was.


  • Use irony carefully. Don't use Comic Sans, Papyrus, or other widely despised fonts unless you can be incredibly witty and ironic about it--and if your wit and irony aren't immediately obvious, just don't.
  • Use appropriate software. Use the software most common to your industry and daily work to demonstrate your skills.
  • Submit materials in a PDF or other non-editable format. This protects your documents.

We love meeting qualified candidates. Provide high-quality application materials, and maybe someday we can meet you!

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