The Name Game

Sep 02, 2015

By Hailey Hyde

Have you ever seen a store or a business with a creative, fun name, and wondered how they came up with it? Wonder no more!

Here at Rainmaker Creative, one of our specialties is naming a new business or renaming an existing business. We have our own Word Nerd, Janelle. She is behind much of the effort when we develop business names for our clients.

Paige Powers (my Marketing Intern partner-in-crime) and I asked Janelle a few questions and then drew on our own experiences to illustrate the process involved in naming a company.

Where to Begin: Research, Research, Research

Rainmaker interviews our client and asks them tons of questions about themselves, their business, and their target market, listening carefully for concepts and phrases that seem to really trip their wires. We research their industry, their target market, and their competition.

Get Acquainted with a Thesaurus

We'll often list words and concepts that are associated with the business, sector, and products or services being offered. There are multiple lists, and Janelle pointed out how important it is to keep track of terms to be avoided. When Paige and I were brainstorming potential names for a client, we used online thesauruses to find phrases that were associated with the service that our client offered.

Is THAT Your Twitter Handle?

We also research the name availability for websites and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We avoid picking a name that someone in the same industry is already using. Part of this step is to work with our designers to make sure that the name ideas also have visual potential.

Our Clients Weigh In

A few favorites are selected out of the list of possibilities and then presented to the clients. Janelle’s favorite part of the naming process is when a name concept really excites our client, and they can envision that element of their new identity.

Some of Our Favorites

A few of Janelle’s favorite names that she and the Rainmaker team have come up with include Untamed (luxury entertainment spaces), Cream Jewel (buttercream sculptures), Groundswell Business Consulting (professional coaching), and Mint Condition Dental (a dentist’s office). It doesn’t matter what type of business you need to name. Here at Rainmaker, we can make it happen!


Hailey Hyde is a Marketing Intern at Rainmaker Creative, where she spends her days working with Janelle on strategic planning and market blogging, learning valuable management skills from Scott at RainPress, and just generally soaking up the awesomeness that is the Rainmaker team.

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