It's just a cup, or is it?

May 25, 2017

When small businesses join us at our conference table, the topic of branding is front and center.

We ask questions to lead the conversation toward the best fit for the brand culture and messaging. What we often forget is that the whole world doesn't do what we do on a daily basis.

For us, branding is life. Creating a brand that fully integrates the passion of the small business owner with the movement they're out to create is something of an art form. Although we crank out stellar branding, complete with champagne and tears at launches and reveals, we often forget that there is a section of the population that doesn't understand why we're so passionate about it.

To break it down here's a perfect example of branding being important.



These two cups are exactly the same. They both hold hot drinks and they are both constructed of the same materials. In fact, they're both made by the same company, in the same factory by the same machines. They also hold the same coffee.

Why does this matter?


The cup on the right says something. It leaves you with something. You get a vibe, a message and a peek into the business that sold you the coffee in the cup. You begin to look for other people that hold the same cup, you notice different cups and you even begin to think that the coffee in the pretty cup tastes different than the cup on the left.

The cup on the left, it's a plain paper cup. There's nothing to it. For all anyone knows you brewed that coffee at home to save money and time. The cup doesn't make you feel anything...unless you compare yourself to others, like a lot of us do. Then you make your own inferences of the cup. It's a cup. There's no plain cup club. There's no special hashtag for plain cups. It's just a cup.

In the hunter-gatherer sense of the world, they're both just cups but in the marketing world, the cup on the right is far superior. It sends a message and leaves a small imprint on the customer. That imprint will have an influence on future purchases. That imprint is important.

When we hang out and chat about what your business passion would look like if it were a person, or when we ask you what your business brand would drive... We really are creating a persona for you to put out into the world and make an impact. Impact influences purchases. Purchases lead to small business success.

If you're ready to take the leap, into the world of a fully intentional brand experience, where nothing is left to chance and you're in the driver's seat of a complete and purposeful vehicle, call us.

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