Our Process

It's scientific. It's collaborative. It's never boring.

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It all starts with you. We listen. And better yet, we hear what you say about your ideas, your budget, your deadlines, and your goals. Bottom line: Each client is an individual, and we’ll develop a concept just for you.

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At the Rain Lab, we have a team of strategists, writers, designers, developers, marketing specialists, and yes, even our own business coach, all working together to formulate the perfect deliverable for you.

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We take your ideas and goals, mix them up with our scientific process, throw in a little rain, and come up with a concept that will make you smile ear to ear, guaranteed.

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Once you exclaim "I love it!", we put your print materials through our printing press, and we send your digital materials down the information superhighway. What comes back are some Rain-tastic tools to help you market your business like a pro.

The Lab

[ 107 S. Cedar St. Spokane, WA 99201 ]

When you visit our Rain Lab, two things will immediately happen.

  1. You’ll be offered a beverage—by at least three of us.
  2. You’ll blink several times, gaze around our space, and involuntarily sigh, “What a great place this must be to work!”

Allow us to confirm: It is.

Rainmaker Creative started taking Spokane by storm in January 2007, when our Right Brain Principal, Billie, walked into a bunch of her favorite small businesses with a stack of vinyl records that she’d rebranded with the Rainmaker logo and scrawled “Let’s go break some [sales] records!” on.

Hundreds of those businesses took her up on her offer, and we’ve been making it rain for them ever since.

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The Team


Billie Gaura

[ Principal, Right Brain ]

As Principal, Billie is the most approachable marketing brain you'll ever meet. She tempers the whirling storm of ideas that continually converge in her brain with a borderline obsession on customer service. With over a decade of experience in one of the most daunting customer-focused jobs in the world at Southwest Airlines, Billie knows exactly how to treat her customers—and yours—in a way that gets results. With an eye for the perfect design, a head for solid marketing, and a heart for every person she meets, Billie really is the backbone of Rainmaker Creative.


Kevin Gaura

[ Principal, Left Brain ]

Kevin is the yin to the creative-type yang around here. He’s big on data entry and numbers. You know, that stuff that makes the artists cringe. Kevin’s the one who keeps the team's paperwork, contracts, and compliance in check, and he's a big part of why Rainmaker Creative runs so smoothly. Thank goodness for his Lombardi approach to business. This lifelong cheesehead always has a fun story to share, too, so any time you come in and see the green and gold Packers jacket hanging up, make sure you find him and say “Hey!” There's a good chance you'll leave with a busted gut from his latest joke!


Sophie Sylvia

[ Creative Director ]

Sophie is the hub of all things creative at Rainmaker. She's a masterful designer, incredible mentor, and an intuitive listener.
With a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Eastern Washington University, 7 years of experience and downright majestic design and listening skills, she is set apart from even the most sparkly of mythical creatures.
Our team sees Sophie as the glue that pulls the pieces of the projects together. She’s creative, intuitive, helpful, and fun to work with. She is the detailed and calculated general, her weapon of choice, incredible design.
Her world isn’t just Rainmaker. Sophie has a giant black lab mix, named Roman, always has a to-do list and is obsessed with listening to podcasts. Her spaces are well organized and she enjoys spending time with her husband and has a penchant for doing home improvement projects and crafting.
When asked what she wants to be known for and contribute to the world, she was quick to respond that she wants to serve people and do what she can to make their lives simpler, better and more enjoyable.


Reanne Lee

[ Visual Communication Designer ]

Reanne is a detail oriented creative with a highly skilled eye for design. She’s a team player and easily moves through projects while taking on the exact requirements to deliver on the clients wishes.

It’s easy to say that Reanne was practically born a designer. With a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Eastern Washington University, and years of previous design work throughout college, she could design in her sleep. Growing up, her parents ran a sign company out of their house. Reanne literally grew up to the sounds of a vinyl plotter and client meetings. Her first job was weeding the insides of “O’s”, “P’s” and other vinyl lettering with a pair of tweezers.

Our team is pretty fond of Reanne and though she's a designer by trade, she also has some A-OK writing skills under her hat. That hat is also quite magical with some of the concepts she pulls out for clients. Her ability to work in unison with the team is part of what makes Rainmaker such a well-oiled machine.

When she’s not Rainmaking she can be found doing almost any outdoor activity. All seasons, all outdoors and she shares her adventures with her husband and their young golden/doodle/lab/springer named Thor.

When asked what mark she’d like to leave on the world, her answer was simple and genuine. She wishes to be seen as a creative visionary, a leader, someone who inspires others and challenges them to achieve their dreams.


Amber Jensen

[ Content Strategist ]

Amber is a dreamer, doer and action taker. When clients meet with her they get excited. Her ability to create strategies and spot-on copy for our clients' projects is part of what makes the creative process work.
While education and real world experience often meet on uneven ground, Amber brings a life of writing experience and a sprinkling of just enough formal training to wield her weapon of choice, a pen (or in our case...a keyboard). Growing up, she remembers filling notebooks with stories and ideas, creating worlds and figuring out puzzles in her mind. All that bookworminess comes in handy at Rainmaker.
Our team leans on Amber to provide a distillation of the client's dreams and wishes for their projects. She provides much to work with. We think she's an amazing writer, is whip-smart funny and we kinda love her storytelling.
When Amber isn't Rainmaking, she can be found working on her own writing projects if she's not juggling her 4 tiny humans, 2 geriatric dogs or her adventurous husband. Being outdoors or camping are her favorite ways to spend the better weather and with all those kids, she doesn't lack for adventure.
When asked what legacy she'd like to leave for the world she got a bit misty and answered us like only she could. She said she wishes to live all out, bring out the greatness in others and share as much of herself as is needed to positively impact others.


Zach Daley

[ Visual Communication Designer ]

Zach brings an analytical touch to the design team and sees himself as an advocate for the client first. He believes everything has a purpose and it’s his job to communicate that visually.
With his Bachelors in Visual Communication from Eastern Washington University and his higher than average height, analytical design style, and killer playlist skills he is a package of epic proportions.
Our team sees Zach as a champion of details. We appreciate his willingness to check his own work before passing it along to the team. Zach’s easy going approach to life, coupled with his hilarious sense of humor really adds to the environment of fun and ease. We’ll keep him.
Zach also has some serious side hustle; he’s been working on several projects outside of Rainmaker.
When asked what he’d like his legacy to be for the world he was quick to answer that he wants to be known as “The fearless water-bringer!” Zach wants to be known for helping with the water crisis of the world. He’s been working on an app design for helping people get clean water in Africa. He’d also like to be known for moving in the face of risk.

The Culture

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Our team dotes over our clients like you wouldn't believe.

We're unafraid to suggest ideas, clarify directions, and ask for help. We also work at speeds matched only by our fierce quality.

Now, about those rumors you've heard...

  • Our workspace is an open floor plan that can get as loud as the garbage disposal when you accidentally drop a fork in it.
  • We take irreverence seriously.
  • We're a combo of introverts and extroverts, but every single one of us showers our clients, guests, and each other with kindness.
  • We blow off steam by riding our orange scooter around the office.
  • Our next-door neighbor is a coffee shop. Our other next-door neighbor is a brewery. Decisions, decisions.